Aerators are to installed in Aeration Tank. It is developed by us to suit site conditions through our vast experience in the field of waste water treatment.

Floating Aerator

The Aerator Cone is designed to lift gently a large volume of waste water, which spurs in the form of heavy torrent over the lip of teh cone on to the liquid surface in the aeration tank. An extremely vigorous wave motion is created outwards over the entire surface.

The wave motion greatly increases the area of the liquid surface in contact with the atmospheric oxygen and the oxygen is dissolved quickly and evenly dispersed through the tank by rapid circulation of the liquid.Aerator Cone





H.P. of Aerator : As per requirement
Type : Fixed surface
Mounting : On R.C.C. platform. The distance between the top of platform and top water level to be exactly as per our requirements



Between Motor and Gear Box : Flexible, Pin Push
Between Gear Box and Aerator Shaft : Rigid, Half
Shaft : Pipe of Class B
Impeller : Inverted Cone
Material of Construction
Base Plate, Cone & Shaft : MS
Half rigid coupling : CI
Speed Reduction : Through Helical Gear, Vertical input and vertical downward output
Service factor : Min 1.75
Rating : Continuous
Ouput Speed : 40-48 RPM approx.
Prime Mover : 1440 RPM
Make of Motor : Crompton / Kirloskar / Equivalent Make
Make of Gear Box


Greaves / Essenpro / Elecon / Equivalent Make