The Hydrocyclone based Bagacillo Separator is installed for MJ degritting and crush remival after DSM screen and before weighment for obvious advantages of low cost, high return on investments. Our latest design is very effiecient, economical and designed for capacities 1850 TCD to 10,000 TCD Plants, with complete construction in SS 304/SS 316. Our sophisticated engineering ensures longer life, leak proof operation seasons after season and Nil maintenance by virtue of no moving parts and guaranteed removal of grit and bagacillo from screen juice.



a) Guaranteed removal of fine grit Bagacillo 10,000 kgs / 100 TCH / Day.
b) Bagacillo content in juice not exceeding 1.5 - 2gm / litre.
c) Increased efficiency of clarification / JH / Evaporator, hence permitting higher through put.
d) Improved recovery of sugar due to less mud volume.
e) Less load on Rotary Filter due to reduction in mud volume.
f) Less steam consumption due to better heat transfer as less scaling in tubes.
g) Less consumption of SO2, lime, viscosity reducer and other chemicals due to less bagacillo in MJ thereby eliminating colouring salts during Juice Boiling.
h) Improved Crystallisation in Pans and reduced choking in Centrifuges.


Bagacillo Separator

1) Production of sparkling white sugar, additional revenues due to higher selling price.
2) Extra revenues of Rs. 5000/- pe day (3000 TCD) on sales of Bagasse, saved from mud.
3) Lower production cost due to savings of chemical, steam and less mechanical damages of pumps impellers / screens and less maintenance of machines and equipments.
4) Higher sugar production due to sugar saved in press mud.
5) Quick payout of full investment in 50 to 60 days of crushing on account of 1 to 4.