Magnetic Separator

Install SMB's Magnets / Magnetic Separator & get rid of Iron Particles

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SMB's magnets have carved out an unique place for itself at the forefront of magnet technology with a reputation for the highest quality standards reliability. MAGNETS: are very hard, but more brittle and more prone to cracks and chipping on the edges / corners. They are characterised a very high normal and intensive coercive force, but, rather low residual induction and are virtually free from self-Demagnetisation. They possess a very high electrical resistivity which makes them ideally suited for high frequency applications. The shapes of magnets available are Rings, Rectangulars, Strips, Squares, Segments, Disc, Cylindricals, Plastro-Ferrite Strips, etc.


Grill Type: These Types Units could be easily installed at Bucket Elevator inlet, Bin Top, Grader Chutes where the sugar passes down the grills. The Magnet bars rotate in Grill Unit, could be easily removed Magnetic Separators Grillindividually by plugging out or in, could be cleaned & again placed in position with minimal loss of time.

Drawer Type for Grader: It is conveniently installed at Sugar discharging Chute of Grader or at Bagging Point. The hooks for holding the bags are provided. The magnets are placed inside the SS pipes & are commonly attached by strip with handle to form like drawer. The drawer is taken out to demagnetize the system, for removal of iron particles.

Rail Type for Sugar Hopper: The unit is installed inside the side walls of Sugar Hopper. The magnet face is placed towards the flow of Sugar Blanket to arrest the fine iron particles from the passing Sugar. The SS thin sheet or Jali cover (shielding on magnet sides) is provided to protect the direct sticking of iron particles to the Magnets System.

Hose shoe / U Magnet for Sugar Grader: This are available in various sizes and capacity and is the most handy device for separating Iron from non-ferrous scrap, plastic or any other material. These are available in various sizes 50 to 100 mm W, 60 to 100 mm L & 50 to 75 mm H.

Pulley / Drum Type for Sugar House: The magnetic drum pulley consists of SS outer drum, hollow shaft, Magnetic Disc (angular 300 deg./Full), placed between MS disc, Central Shaft, Bearing Blocks, V Belt, Geared motor, Mounting Brackets with Pedestal etc. The outer drum over stationery motor magnet driven by gear motor. The truncated magnet (inside), in outer drum assembly, is cut axially 60 deg., which acts as de-magnetizing zone. It results in quick removal of arrested iron material on rotating drum. Pulley with 360° magnet is also available.

SMB’s Magnetic Trap / Device (Dry / Wet) for Mixed Juice Lines (JH/EV.) Juice Heater, Evaporators, Water Pipe Flow: SMB's Magnetic Trap is a very scientific device placed in Juice / Water Pipe Lines to control scales in tubes in Juice evaporators / JH. There various sizes but 4”, 6”, / 8” are commonly used. After the installation, the Scales formation is minimized & becomes very soft. It is very easy to remove & clean the Iron Particles arrested on the Higher Power Mono-Pole Magnets & can be placed again for Operation. The other applications are in Distillation Column, Boiler Feed Water, and Turbine Cooling Water & Other Lines. The Installation saves consumption of Anti-Scalent, Softener, Reaming Tools, and Repair & Maintenance Time Less No. of Cleanings (due to less scales formation). It is one time installation & does not require any power.

Magnetic Plates: Permanent Magnetic Plates are used for separation of tramp iron found in Tea, tobacco, Coffee, Cocoa, Milk Powder, Sugar, Chemicals, etc. They are available in both flat and curved shapes and could be installed either above or along the passage of materials flow.

Ferrite Ring Magnets: It is circular washer type Ring magnets available in OD from 30 to 150mm and ID 15 to 60 mm and widths 5mm to 20mm.Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite Cut / Bar Magnets: It is Rectangular Bar Magnets available in 10 to 150mm length, 10 to 25mm height and 5 to 25mm width. It is also supplied in strips / bars as per requirement.

Magnetic Chcks (Round/Rectangular): It is available in isotropic material which do not have any specific directions, they can be magnetised by any one of the 3 axes. Isotropic Disc magnets are avilable from 4mm to 50mm diameter and their varying heights.