Oil Skimmer 

Install Oil Skimmer, the Most Cost Effective Way to Remove Oil & Grease from Water
Recover, Refine & Re-use Waste Oil for Lubrication
Control Pollution & Save Cost
Belt Disc Rope Weir Types Oil Skimmers in Portable, Fixed & Floating Types

The Problems:
90% Oil & Grease pollution caused due to regular Washing/Cleaning of Mills / Machineries in Plant.
Contaminated Effluents contains 100-200 ppm of oil.
Pollution Control Board Limit is set 10 ppm maximum.
Drains & Gutters are choked with Oil, Grease & Bagasse.
Higher BOD Level due to Plugging of Oil layer on pond.
Higher Cost of Oil Consumption & Aeration at ETP.


Problem of Oil / Grease Pollution in Effluent: Oil Pollution in effluent, oil - grease contamination is mainly caused due to Washing / Cleaning of Mill/ Machineries in Plant. The escaped Oil & Grease to ETP crosses the maximum permissible limit in the final effluent. Its protective layer in the effluent channel inhibits the exposure of biodegradable effluents to the atmosphere. As a result, the BOD of incoming effluent to ETP is also more than desirable incurring additional cost of aeration. Often, the ETP aeration system in the majority of mills / industries does not operate as desired. Consequently the effluents leaving the factory invariably contains higher ppm of oil and BOD levels higher than permissible. The problem is more serious for the mills, where the effluent/ water is used either for irrigation purpose or discharged in the inland rivers.

  Belt Oil Skimmer

I) Oil Skimmer, the Best Solution: To Solve this problem of Oil Pollution right at the source of contamination, we have designed & successfully commissioned Oil Skimmers with especial designed oil catch pits in effluent channel. This method, while controlling the pollution also enables the factory to reuse the recovered Oil, for general lubrication purposes like conveyors rollers; guides; press plates; chain / sprocket gears and weather proofing of spares and also as fuel for boiler firing. More than 100 Factories have installed Oil Skimmers in India. The cost of installation as a result of saving in oil consumption due to recovered oil in 100 days is paid out and at the same time brought down the ppm level below the limits set by CPCB Norms.


  Disk Oil Skimmer
II) Latest Design of Oil Skimmer with Refining Unit: To improve the quality of recovered oil, our latest design Oil Skimmer with Refining Unit Model- MOSKMRU, efficiently recovers the escaping oil from the Mill House and refines, restores its original lubricating characteristic, like Viscosity, Density and Index etc. to make it suitable for Lubrication purposes.
Benefits of Oil Skimmer:    

1) Helps maintain requirement of water discharge as per Govt. Pollution Control Norms.
2) Prevents seizure/plugging of surface / layers / pits / filters / spray pond.
3) Reduces Oil content less than 5 ppm in water ? Effluent / ETP final discharge.
4) Improves component life by water washing by removing oil deposits / tramp.
5) Greatly reduces oil disposal cost and makes reuse of recovered oil for general lubrication purposes / Boiler Fuel / companies reclaiming oil.


Advantages of Oil Skimmers:  

1) It lifts and separates oil from pit with any draft without the use of Pumps.
2) Negligible maintenance, minimal power and easy to operate.
3) Unit efficiently operates in hazardous as well as in turbulence / fluctuating flow of liquid / effluent in drain.
4) Special Purpose Designs for Food grains / precious and costly oil are available.
5) Indoor / Outdoor Models with Single / 3 Ph Motors, Flame / Non Flame Proof option for hazardous applications are available as per requirement.
6) Easy to install, use and maintain without any extra cost, spares and labour.


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