Portable Dust Collector


Most of the factories / Giant Industrial Sheds, handling light Powder Type Material like Sugar, Salt, Milk Powder, Granules, Fibers, etc. are facing serious problems of Dust Pollution. It requires heavy manpower for cleaning floors / machine and this Pollution problem becomes very serious, sometimes causes Fire Casulaties Loss of Human Life requires huge maintenance of Electro-Mechanical machines and equipments.

We have designed very scientific, unique Low Cost portable dust collector equipment and solved the very tiresome problems, eliminating the manual cleaning of Floor. It is specifically very useful in Sugar House Cleaning, where the Sugar Dust gets deposited, lot of Sugar falls from Hoppers, Bucket Elevators, Graders, and Bagging Points. The Sugar / Dust needs to be collected frequently. It adds further Dust Problem / Pollution, serious damages to Electricals / Windings, additional man power for maintenance and leads High Risk of Fire, due to dust being highly inflammable. This Unit helps in, faster cleaning of spread or fallen sugar on floor and dust deposits on various equipments.

Similarly during Off-season, a series of Electrical Panels / Switch Gears in Power House need high pressure Blower to clean accumulated fine Dust.

  Portable Dust Collector

Necessary coupling, connections & nozzles are provided for converting the Vacuum Cleaner into high-pressure Jet Blower / Dryer. Hence the utility of this Portable Unit is very well justified.


APPLICATIONS: Industries like Sugar Paper Pharmaceuticals Paint & Pigments Fertlizer Cement Leather Cosmetics Agriculture / Seed Processing Ornaments Mfg Petro-Chemicals Ceramic: Abrasive Sand, Powder, horts Grit, Metal Powder, Tiles Food: Sugar, Spices, Tea, Salt, Biscuit, Cattle Feed, Grain, Starch Chemicals: Caustic Soda, Lime, Detergent, Sunmica, Plywood.