Rotary Airlock Valves

Uniform Flow Regulated Output Economically Priced Longer Life Negligible Maintenance
Trouble Free Performance Various Designs v/s Applications Conical / Adjustable Vanes

Rotary Airlock Valves
SMB's ROTARY AIRLOCK VALVE’s are designed for various applications, feeding material under high pressure / vacuum with perfect provision of air right scals & uniform discharge from the outlet. It is simplex form of Vane Feeder consists of Airlock Valve Housing, Rotor, Geared Motor, Chain, Sprocket, Chain Guard & Mounting Frame complete. The quantity / flow of material could be adjusted by changing the speed of ROTOR / SPROCKETS. The Rotor blades in pocketed shapes are so perfectly designed that, it handles fine pelverise material, the Rotor is not jammed and also the material is not clogged between the fine gap of the impeller body. The material enters the valve housing from the top & as the Rotor Rotates, each pocket discharges when it reaches the bottom opening of the body.

Rotary Air Lock Valves
The clearance between the Rotor blades & Valve Housing is precisely maintained to prevent to prevent the free passage of air between inlet & outlet size of the valve. The RAV’s width NTN FC 207 Bearing of Japan make, are also supplied on request.

1) Body of close grained cast iron or fabricated from M.S. to provide adequate stregth, rigidity and high grade quality of casting.
2) Rotor of M.S. / S.S. with shaft ends, machined accurately and mounted on anti-fabrication bearings/ NTN FC Bearings of Japan on request.
3) Rotor vane edges machined and fitted with special fibre / SS linings to facilitate close fit between Housing and Rotor which avoids air leakage.
4) Rotor speed could be regulated to give rated output as may be required to suit site requirements.
5) Various designs of Rotary Air Lock Valve to suit any applications / material.
6) Material of Construction: as per requirement.