Concept: The SMB's Rotoshear Rotary Screen is a high caapcity fine wedgewire screen that is developed with new design enhancements in various models with slot opening sizes from 0.25-1.5mm and hydraulic capacities 100-500 m3/hr. The material standard is 304 stainless, but 316 and L grades are available as well.

Wedgewire Construction: The Rotary Screen is made of 304 SS wedgewire, recognised for its ability to handle stringy fibres, greasy solids and high concentrations of suspended solids without blinding. The entire screen cylinder is surrounded by stainless ribs of size of headbox to cylinder length which creates a drying zone to allow free drainage of screening as they travel along to discharge.

Salient Features of SMB's Rotoshears Rotary Juice Screen:

 Rotary Juice Screen

1) Huge quantity of bagacillo removal thereby less load on Juice Heaters / Clarifiers results in better efficiency.
2) Better heat transfer hence substantial savings in steam and also less chemical consumption.
3) Improved efficiency of JH/Evaporator /Clarifier Pans, resulting in higher throughput & crushing.
4) Savings in lime, sulphur and chemical consumption due to removal of colouring matter.
5) Brilliant white, lower ICUMSA quality Sugar due to removal of colouring matter and better quality juice.
6) Absence of bagacillo results in less scale formation in JH Tubes, therefore less frequent cleaning of JH.
7) Improved utilisation of process equipments, thereby higher crushing possible than the rated capacity of the plant and hence improved productivity.